"Breathing new life into highlife and Afro-funk. (…) The exuberance of youth proved irresistible for the crowd! (…) these guys are clearly headed for bigger things on the international stage!" — Afropop 2022


FRA! is a music ensemble from Accra, Ghana which consists of young people from different backgrounds united by one language; the language of music. The name “Fra” comes from the Akan word which means “mix” and this is a reference to the elements of fusion which is
found in their music. Described popularly as the funkiest Ghanaian band, the music the band produces is hinged on a cocktail of musical background bound in their afrocentric heritage. The band has traveled the world performing and promoting its unique and funky music, which they refer to as Highlife Funk.

The Band Fra! from Ghana


YOU DEY FEEL THE VIBE ft. Nana Yaw Ofori-Atta (Thousand) Live from FRA!ternity VI


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30 Billion Live

FRA! live in concert 2021

FRA! is your favourite afrocentric
fusion act. A band on an eclectic
mission to redefine live music
wherever they find themselves in
the world.

As winners of the 10th edition of Casa
Africa's Vis-a- Vis project, the band
toured in Spain where they performed
at major Spanish music festivals
including Etnosur, Pirineos Sur,
Canarias Jazz Festival, La mars de
musicas, La Porta Ferrada, MAPAS,
MUMES and Sin Sal. FRA! also
performed at Visa for Music, ACCES
conference and Sauti Za Busara
which are some of the biggest music
stages in Africa.

2023 - Chale Wote (Album)
2023 - Chale Wote (Single)
2023 - Yeni Abre (Single)
2023 - Smile (Single)
2023 - You Dey Feel The Vibe (Live) Ft. Nana Yaw Ofori-Atta (Single)
2021 - Odo Yewu (Single)
2021 - 30 Billion (Single)
2021 - Lobi (Single)
2021 - I Go Dey 4 U (Single)
2020 - Happy (Single)
2020 - Africa Rise (Single) for int. Campaign #SOULIDARITY
2019 - Journey (Album)
2018 - FRA!Tternity (Album)

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Christian 'Osele'  Prempeh - Lead Vocals
Joshua "Virgen" Boateng - Drums, Lead Vocals
George Gogoe Ashirifie - Bass, Backing Vocals
Emmanuel Selorm Dornyoh - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ishmael "Ayala" Kugblenu - Percussions, Backing Vocals
Martin Nyarkotey Adjartey -Keyboards, Backing Vocals

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Europe Tour 2023
Spirit of Tengri, Almaty, KAZ 11/06
Africa Oye, Liverpool, UK 17/06
The Cornish Bank, Falmouth, UK 22/06
Musica Mundo, Amersfoort, NL 24/06
Afro Ruhr Festival, Dortmund, GER 25/06
Zeltival, Karlsruhe, GER 1/07
Afrika Festival Hertme, NL 2/07
Ethnokrakau, PL 7/07
North Sea Jazz, Rotterdam, NL 8/07
Montreux Jazz (Music in the Parc), CH 12/07
Pod’Ring, Biel, CH 13/07
Tom de Festa, Tondela, PT 15/07
Sommerpalast, Murrhardt , GER 21/07
La Escales (W/Adomaa), Saint-Nazaire, FR 28/07
La Escales (W/Adomaa), Saint-Nazaire, FR29/07
MIT Afrika Festiva, Cologne, GER, TBA 04/08
Mind on Fire - Herbstein, GER 12/08

Showcase Tour 2022
22.10.22 - Coliseu Stage | Coliseu dos Recreios - Lisbon, Portugal

Europe Tour 2020-21 - cancelled

Showcase in 2019:
Visa For Music, MA | ACCES, GH

Past Tour Dates in 2019:
FRA!ternity Concert, GH | Stanbic Jazz Festival, GH | Noches de Palacio, ES | Canarias Jazz, ES | MAPAS, ES | MUMES, ES | Etnosur, ES | Pirineos Sur, ES | Sin Sal, ES | La Mars de Musicas, ES | La Porta Ferrada, ES


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